Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Cleanup

I've washed all 33 windows, 2 storm doors and mirrors in my house (some of which are dirty again...). Now I'm cleaning out my office.

I can't keep every book I get- and since I tend to pick up a lot of books at Book Expo America, I have a LOT of books. Some are autographed from either BEA or signings. I would need to displace a child and take over their room to keep every book, and much as they sometimes annoy me, I'm not kicking out a kid. So, I'm going to do a giveaway. Sending a book to everyone who asks is just too expensive, but I'll try to make this a more recurring feature and slowly whittle down the pile. Here's some of the unautographed books up for grabs:

-Dark Lover, by JR Ward
-The Shadow Girls, by Henning Mankell
-I Hunt Killers (ARC), by Barry Lyga
-Fury, by Elizabeth Miles
-Gimme a Call, by Sarah Mlynowski
-Wither, by Lauren DeStefano
-Exposed, by Kimberly Marcus

The person who has the best reason for a particular book wins it. You don't have to give me a sob story about choosing between gas for the car or a new read. If you're funny, silly, sarcastic, angry, demanding, whatever, and catch my attention, I'll send it to you. Only rules are that you can't write more than 5 lines (I don't want to read a book length reason) and it has to be posted in the Comments by next Monday morning. By that afternoon, I'll announce the winner and they can send me a shipping address.

Have fun!



  1. I haven't read any books by JR Ward.

  2. Nice list! I got nothing! I just loves books. Is that good enough??? LOL!

  3. Dear Char,
    Since I will soon be obsessed with psychpathic characters in my next WIP, I HUNT KILLERS is the perfect fit. Plus, as you know, I can be funny, silly, sarcastic, angry, and demanding, sometimes over the course of a single lunch.