Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deadly Visions

This is what I saw perched on the roof of our pool bar. Patiently they gathered, five, sometimes more of them. Then they'd circle overhead for long, lazy flights.



Calling their friends.

Two questions arise: are they here for the dead deer in the woods behind our house...

Or me?

I've been fighting a hell of a cold so there were times I felt close to Death's door. I was nervous about going outside to sit in the sun, like a vampire wanting to see daylight before bursting into ash (there's no sparkling here). In one fell swoop, they could sweep my cough-racked body away to their lair to chomp, rip and chew me at their leisure.

But they only wanted the stinky dead deer.

Lucky for me.

But now I'm starting to rise from the hole that was my sick bed and toddle about, zombie like. So that's why this post is late. I apologize for almost leaving this plane for the next, neglecting my post. Here's how I'll make it up to you:

(No, couldn't get the hyperlink to work- you should know me by now that I have tech issues.)

It's a HUGE-MEGA-AMAZING-NOT-TO-BE-MISSED gathering of over 30 YA authors, and it's in West Chester, PA. (Stop whining, it's not that far.) There will be AUTHORS. And free swag. And AUTHORS. And books. AND AUTHORS. Am I getting through? There's nothing authors love more than meeting with people and talking about books: theirs, other people's, what's hot, what they can recommend, what they love, etc.

So spend a Saturday feeding your brain, getting back into the dreaded school/work routine (Summer's almost over, kiddies, back to work time!) and pick up some great books.

If I can battle death by cold to be there (last year we were staring the Grim Reaper down in the form of a hurricane and we STILL had lots of people show up), so can you! (by the way, I'm not infectious anymore.) We ALL look forward to seeing you there.

Don't make me send those buzzards to your house...


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