Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm a little off kilter this week, having visited family, then had other family visiting me. Trying to get back in the groove, so this post will be random stuff I think you might (or might not) like to know.

1. The new kitten, Mink, is feeling just fine thank you. His birthday is May 19th, same day as my eldest son. Kitten likes to tease larger cat. (Not smart, Mink, not smart.) I wake up numerous times to make sure that Mink hasn't been eaten by Casey.

2. Was reading a publications magazine, and it featured a book on writing by an author "soon to be a best seller." ?  Either you are, or you aren't. Can I put "hoping to be a bestseller soon" as a tag line? Would probably make as much sense. Let's all tagline our dreams!

3. I love squirrels. So much I wrote a MG novel about them. He evolves intellectually rather than physiologically. Here is my inspiration/motivation diorama:

Editors who don't snatch up Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines will just have to pay more for it later on. (And yes, I claim ownership of the squirrel that lives in the backyard oak tree.)

4. I don't want to hear about the Michael Jackson family drama. Or Snooki. Or how Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison smooched in public. Ditto: all famous people (but will make exception for Ian Somerhalder).

5. I'm tired of politics, don't care about the Penn St football team, or to hear any excuse by the family of the Colorado movie theater (allege) killer for his actions.

6. Thank you Mother Nature for the rain, even the copious amounts, but it's too late to save my meditation garden AND ALL THE MONEY I SPENT ON FLOWERS. You want flowers? Send some free my way, revive the crispy/rotten plants I have, OR WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR.

7. Going to Stones Crossing Swim Club for a book signing. I like talking about writing and books to teens, kids, adults- whoever will listen. Whoever shows up gets chocolate and bookmarks. (It's worth going to....) I promise to try and be entertaining.

8. I need a vacation that doesn't involve squabbling, decisions, making other people happy.

9. My edits are going slower than I anticipated.

10. Awesome thunderstorm yesterday! I love watching them. (You can call me crazy- our house has been struck 3 times- each time with just me and a different son. People rush out of my house when thunder is heard...)

So, have a nice week! I promise something substantial next week.


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