Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sad Face

It's not like I was expecting a deluge of responses, but I would have thought that a 'tell me your most romantic true story' contest with a gift card giveaway would have garnered more than two responses. (Thank you Sarah and Love Between Pages for responding!).  And while their stories were sweet, I didn't think they were romantic enough. We have several pairs of friends who were high school sweethearts. Nice, but nothing to get choked up about. If the husband convinced some members of the high school orchestra to play a love song like Theme From Romeo and Juliet in front of her house on Valentine's Day, or for her birthday, that would have been romantic.

So I have no winners. (My idea of romantic- see previous posts- A Priceless Gift Of Love and What Two Oceans Cannot Divide). It makes me fearful that true romance is dying. Find something romantic and redeem my faith. I might be inspired to send you that gift card.

Sometimes, you get a second chance at love...and gift cards!


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