Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's A Wrap!

Looking back at my month-long Blog-everyday experiment, I tallied successes and failures.

On the positive side, I proved I could do it everyday. As soon as I got up, my mind was on the blog; what am I going to post today? What pics/media do I need?  Another good thing, it's practice for maintaining the Sirenz and my own website. I learned to stretch my mind for interesting subjects, not always focusing on writing. Plus, I can now download clipart, pics, and videos.

On the negative side, it took a lot of time. The early morning time I spent on the blog was usually spent clearing out email and doing promo. Doing the blog put me behind my daily schedule. That affects my writing, not being able to write as much. Plus, there was no spike in comments or visits. Even when I did contests or giveaways. (There is no winner for Most Romantic True Story because while sweet, the two stories were not romantic. And there was only one idea for the swag giveaway which was too expensive so nothing for that either.) So I wonder if it was all worth it.

Will I do it again? Not for a while. I have one manuscript that needs serious revisions, one that is in total overhaul, and one that is partly started. Plus, Nat & I have to finish Sirenz 3. (I'd like to plan a 'working research' trip for Sirenz 4 to Greece, it those people ever stop fighting and destroying their beautiful country.) Plus, we'll be doing the college search with the middle son. And summer means two kids are home, my pool is open, Sirenz Back In Fashion launches and cold daiquiris will demand my attention...

So I'm done. Thanks to my followers for being there with me. I will stick to my original once a week postings unless something just has to get out there (TV deal? Movie offer? Another book pubbed? Running away with Ian Somerhalder? Fabulous shoe sale?)

Be talking to you soon.



  1. I was enjoying the daily Blog postings but they do take a lot of time. Its a lot of work maintaining a Blog. Now, about the pool and the daiquiris...are reservations required? :D

  2. Just a day's advance notice. But what a great idea- if you're going to be out this way, lemme know. We'll throw something together!

  3. Sounds good. :) I'm just in Massachusetts.