Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Cold Day In.... New Jersey

This blog is late--but it's not my fault! (You'll see!) Natalie and I went to Johnstown, NY, to do an "Unmask The Writer Within" event (thank you Melissa, Patty, and Mysteries On Main Street for organizing! And all the fabby authors there, kisses!). There was a warning of snow, 2-4", but armed with winter coat, gloves, boots, trusty GPS, and new all-weather tires, Natalie and I went and had fun, signed books, and made friends. Even though my car collected three inches of snow, the roads were merely wet. As we headed back to our bed & breakfast where we stayed-more on that later-we saw dry roads and no snow.

Snowstorm my foot!

While in New Jersey... Wham! Bam! Crack! The Nor'easter brought an ice storm. No power, heat, phone, internet, TV, refrigerator, computer-basically we were no better off than the early colonists. Luckily, having city water meant at least flushable toilets and ice-cold showers. I may never be warm again. No school for my sixth grader but thankfully the high schooler had classes, even if with a late opening. I was forced to eat donuts for breakfast.

I guess I could have sat in Starbucks, enjoyed a Chai latte Venti, and posted from there on my laptop (and warmed up) but with civilization as I know it suspended, I had to worry about procuring food, showers, clean clothes, and still give out treats, get one son to SAT prep course and the other to fencing and Trick-or-Treating.

It was the Halloween from Hell. Thanksgiving will be dedicated to being warm, fed, and a part of civilization.


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