Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There's A Hole In My Bucket...

So much to do, so little time... I don't like calling it my 'Bucket List,' because that just sounds crude and unromantic. Either way, it's different from my Dreams List because dreams are more fluid and are something to aspire to achieve, whereas the To Do List are things to do simply because. Anyone can write a book, so that's a To Do, but only one in a million get published, so that's a Dream. See where I'm going?

On my To Do are: Stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon, then hike down to the bottom (as long as I'm there, I might as well). See Stonehenge (if I could get away with touching it, that's make it a dream). Walk through ancient Greek ruins (if the fighting ever stops). Wear a ballgown (wedding gowns and Halloween don't count.) Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans (and be sober enough to remember it). Be in Times Square for New Year's (I live in New Jersey, and don't understand why this is proving so difficult. I'll blame it on the family.) Lose five pounds (book tours are coming up, along with summer.) Survive getting my three sons through school, college, and into their first apartment (this one is iffy).Learn to use all the buttons on my phone, camera, computer, DVR, GPS, TV, blog, website, Twitter, FB (seriously, why is everything so complicated?) Get my other books revised enough to please my agent (that's a biggie; may have to transfer it to the Dream List). Balance the checkbook (and prevent husband from screwing it up again). Transform my backyard and pool into an oasis, because with all the things To Do (and this is only part of my list), I'm going to need a place to rest.

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